Robert Michael "Rob" Hilliard is one of the protagonists in the movie. He is Half-Filipino and a three-times divorced man who is currently married to Gloria Noonan-Hilliard , a woman who is 30 years older than him. He is constantly made fun of by the rest of the group because of his older wife and of his poultice made with "maize" (eventually it is corn). He has three daughters named Jasmine , Amber , and Bridgett from his three ex-wives, "The cheater, The beater, and The eater". Rob Hilliard was removed in the sequel of Grown Ups due to scheduling conflicts and he was replaced by Nick Hilliard, which is his brother.

Rob Hillard

Grown Ups


Grown Ups

Full Name:

Robert Michael Hilliard

Portrayed By:

Rob Schneider

Date of Birth: October 31th, 1966
Family Members:

Gloria Noonan-Hillard (Wife)

"The Eater" (Ex-Wife)

"The Beater" (Ex-Wife)

"The Cheater" (Ex-Wife)

Jasmine Hilliard (Daughter)

Amber Hilliard (Daughter)

Bridgett Hilliard (Daughter)

Nick Hillard (brother)

Love Interest:

Gloria Hilliard (Wife)

"The Eater" (Ex-Wife)

"The Beater" (Ex-Wife)

"The Cheater" (Ex-Wife)


Grown Ups (2010)

Hometown: Connecticut, New England USA